Please Consider a Holiday Gift or Helping Ecuador’s Earthquake Relief Victims


Tis the Season to be jolly … but not so for a small coastal town in Ecuador. You see, in 2016 a 7.8 earthquake hit the small dollarized nation destroying the pacific coast. Thousands died (not on the official toll but the truth is mass graves are being found). Tens of thousands were left homeless. Money and supplies poured in from around the world. Unfortunately very little trickled down to the people who lost everything.

Today, the recovery effort is moving slowly forward. Bahia de Caraquez, where I live is still a ghost town as compared to before the Quake hit. What little money made it to the cities from the government was used to repair water lines, restore electricity, rebuild roads. You know, infrastructure. But relatively nothing made it to the businesses and now homeless citizens of Bahia. Many are still without a home or even adequate clothing..

I have put together a relief fund on Go Fund Me. The link is below. Also you can see the destruction by watching any of the videos on youtube.
Consider a small donation this Holiday Season to help Bahians recover. Even a $1.00 donation would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Happy Holidays