Coup d’état in Ecuador


Ecuador ‘rejects unlimited election terms’, blocking the dictator, Raphael Correas’ return to power.
Ecuadorians voted Sunday, February 4th, 2018 to end the long standing law allowing no term limits for presidents.
This is a move that should sustantially improve the economic woe Ecuadorians are currently experiencing. The Correa government ravaged the treasury thru a series of straw man contracts and kickback schemes.

Correa, before becoming Ecuadors president was a poor school teacher living from month to month on his minimum wage salary. However that changed once he stepped into office. President Correa, a U.S. trained economist, systematically picked away at laws and officials allowing him to seize control of congress and the treasury. With dollar signs in his eyes, he nationalized the petroleum industry seizing control of oil production.

By the end of his presidency he had succeeded in draining the country of most of the U.S. Dollars provided by the United States in January, 2000, killing production levels of petroleum which the country relies on as the main source of income, and filling the pockets of his friends and family.

In the Correa regime, all major projects are contracted directly by the authorities. In this case, the central responsibility rests on President Rafael Correa and on vice-president Jorge Glas Espinel, who managed strategic natural resource sectors, mainly the petroleum sector.”
Since taking office from Correa, the new president,Lenin Moreno ha called for investigations into the wide spread
corruption robbing the coffers of Ecuador. Subsequent arrest warrants have been issued and in some cases courts have convened and found a number of top Ecuadorian officials guilty of crimes against the country.
The guilty parties thus far have climed up the ladder to include ex Vice President Jorge Glas, causing concern for Correa as he will be next.

Correas attempt to regain power was his last resolve to stop any investigations into his blatant theft of Ecuador’s wealth.