WMD “Come out, come out, wherever you are”


By Anonymous Contributor –

Ever wonder why the U.N. Inspectors did not find many of Saddams WMDs after the Gulf War, here is why.  This is a 3 page 1991 DOD document showing that the WMDs the U.S. etc had sold to Saddam had been taken out of Iraq during the Gulf War, were sent to the Iranians, and that the entire U.S. Chain of Command KNEW this was happening but allowed it anyway. This is only one of Hundreds of similar documents sent thru D.O.D. regarding these transfers of WMDs from Iraq to Iran. This is the only one Declassified so far.

This Secretly set up Iran with the WMD programs that Saddam had built up since the late 1970s, with shipments including Chemical, Biological and Nuclear bulk Agents, specific new tech versions like Binary Agents, vaccines to enable Iran to experiment with those Bio Agents, and the computer info to make more with NO one doing oversight since NO one KNEW that Iran now HAD this stockpile.

Dick Cheney as Secretary of Defense during the Gulf War knew all of this and later LIED about this as Vice President, Colin Powell as Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff knew and later LIED about it as Secretary of State including during a speech before the U.N. to “Justify” the U.S. invading Iraq over guess what…these same WMDs, the CIA knew, the NSA knew, the White House Situation Room was informed meaning President George H.W. Bush knew, Secretary of State James Baker knew, ALL the architects of the Gulf War knew.

[pdf-embedder url=”http://chiptatum.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/wmd.pdf”]So, read the list of people and Agencies who were informed of this in 1991 and said NOTHING, allowing Iran to proceed unimpeded to construct their own WMD programs in Secret for decades, allowing them to share these WMDs worldwide with NO one knowing they could do this. We, the U.S., then after 9-11 in 2001 happened invaded Iraq based on LIES that Saddam not only still had these WMDs but that he was secretly building more of them.

They have told us all Nothing but Lies for Decades. We lost many Service Members in that Invasion, due to those Lies. Read the 3 page document for yourself and YOU decide.

This happened because one of Saddam’s Son in Laws, Hussein Kamel, knew that his Father in Law would never share Power, and due to his paranoia would eventually see Kamel as  competition, a threat and have him killed. Kamel decided to hedge his bets and started setting up a Deal with Shiites working inside Saddams Military, who were Hated since Saddam is a Sunni of the other side of their Religions Ruling Class.

Kamel had been put in charge of Saddams WMD programs, and for years he quietly replaced the Sunni Commanders there put Shiite Commanders in their place, in charge of the WMD production, filling and storage facilities. As part of his deal with the Shiites, he promised them positions of Power in Saddams Military and if they helped Kamel in his eventual move against Saddam, he would put them into high positions of Power in the new Government he set up. Neither side trusted the other, for good reasons.

Once the Coalition began setting up for Operation Desert Shield, Kamel saw his chance and ordered the best WMDs to be forward deployed where these Shiite Commanders could have complete control over them so Saddam could not use them against Kamels Forces when they turned against their old Leader.

It was a Perfect Plan, except for this one thing – the Shiite Commanders had been in contact with Irans Revolutionary Guard, and had set up a Deal of their own. They would offer those top of the line WMDs of Saddams to the Iranians, who would send trucks over the Iraqi border thru Basrah to get them.

They also set up transfers of these WMDs to Syria, going over the Iraqi border near Al Qaim and the SuperPhosphate Uranium seperation plant there, supplied by railway from the Al Akashat mines to its northeast. This plant had been seperating and enriching Uranium extracted from the locally mined Phosphate ore since 1984, making about 5 pounds of Yellow Cake  (Uranium HexaFluoride) and Green Cake (Uranium TetraFluoride). Considering the Purity of the Iraqi Uranium made from this mined ore, it is no wonder bulk amounts of this was also shipped to Iran, making their Nuclear Program viable, AND Secret.

Once Kamel called on his Shiite Insider Forces to change “Sides”, he found out what had been going on as they told him “No”. He checked his facilities and found that most of the best WMDs were gone, leaving Saddam with only those WMDs that had been made and left over from Iraqs War with Iran from 1980 to 1988, meaning these had begun to leak, degrade and lose Toxicity over the years of sitting inside bunkers in the Desert heat.

Kamel panicked. He tried to find ways to blame the Shiite Commanders for his own failure to follow Saddams Orders to keep his WMDs safe and ready for use against the Coalition Forces. Kamel did NOT tell Saddma that those WMDs were now in Iran, but that they had been destroyed by the Coalitions bombings, and that the Shiite Commanders had failed to move them around fast enough to avoid destruction.

Once the Gulf War was over, Saddam ordered Kamel to attack and defeat the Rebel Forces working inside Iraqs largest cities to unseat Saddams Rule. Some of these Rebel factions were led by Kamels own Shiite Commanders, so Kamel saw an opportunity to get rid of the evidence of his betrayals. He used the helicopters the Coalition allowed him to keep, loaded them with whatever WMDs and bulk Agents they could find, flew over these cities and sprayed or dropped 55 gallon drums on the rioting crowds, killing thousands. U.S. and Colaition Troops were within eyesight of these attacks meaning they were also in the downwind of it, and were contaminated by it.

The surviving Rebel causualties,contaminated from these WMD attacks, were then sent thru Coalition lines on trucks and buses back into Saudi Arabia for treatment at KKMC, Hafir Al Batin, and the Joint Interrogation Facility. There was NO warning to the Troops getting these causalties that they had been contaminated with WMDs from Saddams attacks, so these Troops were cross contaminated since they were only handling the casualties with the usual thin latex gloves at best. Some of these Rebels were so happy to be alive that they came directly off the buses and hugged the Medical Staff waiting for them. D.O.D. has refused to admit that these contaminations happened even tho their own documents say they did, as usual.

Kamel waitied until the U.N. Inspectors had begun looking for these (Missing) WMDs to see how to handle the situation, and then began bragging to Saddam that he was so smart he could move the WMDs ahead of the Inspections and keep them safe. Only when Saddam became suspicious and wanted to personally see these WMDs did Kamel decide to defect to the U.N. Inspectors, leading them to a stash of documents hidden in chicken coops. He offered these in a trade for his being able to leave Iraq and defect to the U.S.

D.O.D. looked over the documents, saw that they already knew most of the info since THEY had sold the WMDs to Saddam and they were looking at their own invoices. D.O.D. eventually decided they did not need Kamel, and sent him back to Iraq. Saddam finally learned just how badly he had been betrayed, and had Kamel executed by beheading.

D.O.D. and all of the Chain of Command for the Gulf War have known for decades that the best WMDs from Iraqs programs have been in the hands of America’s loudest declared Mortal Enemy, long enough to have experimented with them, learned how to make and improve them, and to have shared all of this with Terrorists around the World, all in total Secrecy because those in Charge decided to Lie instead of revealing the Truth, that our worst Enemy had Weapons we could not defend against, the worst of which is Dusty Agents, both Chemical and Biological versions.

They decided to put America at Risk for their own gains, we are STILL at Risk today, and instead of working to gain access to Iran and do on the ground Inspections, it has been decided to reverse that and put Iran back into the “Box”, making SURE no one ever finds out what was Lost from Iraq and sent to Iran, enough WMDs to threaten the entire World. You read the documents, YOU decide.”