The Life and Times of Gene Tatum


Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Life and Times of Gene Tatum

Professional spook Gene “Chip” Tatum co-wrote an extraordinary memoir in 1996 which recounted his activities as an intelligence agent, which unfortunately received scant attention at the time. Had the public paid attention, 9/11 would most certainly not have happened.

The reason for our conjecture about 9/11 is that Tatum names the criminal politicians – perhaps a redundant pair of words – who were heavily involved in drug trafficking, arms running, and murder, and who turn out to be the same people who ran 9/11.

Tatum’s writings also provide important insights into the real powers behind the elected façade and farce of official US government. He also added substantial detail and corroboration from other witnesses about the criminal empire conquered by George Bush, Oliver North, Richard Secord, Bill Colby, William Barr and others.

The first important operation which Tatum relates concerns the Nixon administration’s management of the Viet Nam War, a part of which revolved around keeping Cambodia in the war so that the bloodshed could continue.

Rockefeller protégés Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger had devised a plan to keep Cambodia’s leader, Lon Nol, in the war as he vacillated between Hanoi and Washington. He had seen how the CIA facilitated the ouster of the corrupt Prince Sihanouk, who had objected to Washington’s imperious disregard for his country’s sovereignty, and wished to avoid becoming a total puppet of Washington’s powers.

To solidify his dependence upon Washington, Nixon and Kissinger ordered the creation of a deep cover false flag team called Team Red Rock whose mission was to stage an attack on the Cambodian air force stationed in Phnom Penh in order to blame it on the North Vietnamese. Prior to this time, Cambodia had cooperated on and off with the North as it fought the CIA instigated war.

General Alexander Haig, of Watergate Deep Throat fame, provided the military orders to Red Rock which consisted of 14 men, some of whom were attached in order to kill off other team members after the operation in order to guarantee silence about the deception.

Tatum and his American comrades discovered the clean-up plan, and escaped for safe haven in South Viet Nam. Before reaching their destination, they were captured by North Vietnamese who tortured them brutally for several months, but somehow managed to escape.

Against all odds and designs, Tatum and one other team member survived, whereupon Bill Colby, future CIA director and operational head of the murderous Operation Phoenix, visited Tatum for recruitment into other black operations.

For the next several years, Tatum performed various spook activities for CIA and other intelligence organizations until the mid 1970s when Colby advised him to leave the agency due to Tatum’s loss of political protection consequent to Colby leaving the agency.

After the ill winds died down, Tatum was back in the spook business, with his old mentor Bill Colby alerting him in 1983 to a contact from Marine colonel Oliver North who was the lead manager for the vast narcotics trade operated by the Bush Crime Syndicate’s CIA.

North’s job was 2 fold. The first was to get control of the Columbian drug trade in order to monopolize it completely under Bush-CIA control. The second was to import into the United States massive quantities of drugs, especially cocaine, whose revenues were to be used ostensibly for arms for the Contras fighting the “evil” Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.

The truth of the matter is that the Nicaraguan civil war was partly a scam wherein the Contras operated the large cocaine factories for North and Bush. During this time, Tatum became good friends with Barry Seal, another spook who would be murdered by Bush and North in 1986 for his not so subtle threats to Bush to lay off the IRS investigation hounding him for his illegal and criminal fortune.

Before Seal was murdered, he provided Tatum with a list of individuals who were directly involved in the drug and arms trade which soon became known as Iran Contra.

Tatum claims that he was unaware that he was transporting drugs, which had been disguised as medical supplies, until a cooler of cocaine was accidentally dropped. He quickly realized that his trips to Arkansas in the early 1980s carrying these coolers were destined for Bill Clinton and his crime gang.

Compiling his own firsthand knowledge with information that Seal provided, Tatum produced a list of politicians who were involved in Iran Contra, which list reproduced here is incomplete. However these individuals had close involvement with the operation.

This roster, which includes a couple of additions of our own, reads like a who’s who in American politics

  • George Bush
  • Jeb Bush (our addition)
  • Henry Kissinger
  • William Casey
  • Clair Elroy George
  • Alexander Haig
  • Donald Gregg
  • Duane Clarridge
  • Joseph Fernandez
  • Oliver North
  • John Singlaub
  • William Colby
  • Richard Secord
  • William Weld
  • Felix Rodriguez
  • General Peroot
  • Jackson Stephens
  • Bill Clinton
  • Dan Lassiter
  • Michael Harrari
  • Amiram Nir (aka Pat Weber)
  • Ben Whittaker
  • Tony Wilson
  • Eric Brown
  • Too many more to mention

Assassinations, drug running and money laundering kept Tatum busy until around 1990 when he was reassigned within the Pegasus Group. He provides some sketchy information about the group which he believed was founded in the 1950s by President Eisenhower to spy on the CIA. Pegasus is a fictional name he applied to the group since revealing its real name would land him in legal hot water, a coffin, or both. However, we surmise that it may be the Joint Special Operations Command of which 99.9% of all Americans know nothing.

He described the group’s current mission “to ‘align’ world leaders and financiers to our [US] policies and standards”. He further adumbrated its command structure with an international board of directors consisting primarily of UK and Israeli thugs who use Pegasus as a deep government to keep world leaders on a short leash for what we would term as Rothschild-Bilderberger policy.

Tatum stated that he left Pegasus in 1992 when President Bush ordered him to “neutralize” Ross Perot, a euphemism which includes murder when “friendly persuasion” fails.

Although it has been 15 years since Tatum told his story, it is loaded with fascinating information which should cause Americans to protest in the street.

Returning to our thesis, one will note that important figures involved in Iran Contra were also heavily involved in 9/11, the most important of which were the Bush Crime Syndicate and Michael Harrari about whom we have written elsewhere.

The lawlessness which was allowed to flourish from Iran Contra solidified the power base from which these criminals were able to carry out more monstrous crimes.


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