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Robert Swan Mueller III has been the go to man when secrets go awry. Recruited as a CIA asset in Vietnam as an member of the Phoenix Project it was embedded in him that there are No Borders, No Limits, No Restrictions, and No Repercussions. With these standards ingrained in his persona, Mueller became an invaluable asset in protecting what today is called “The Deep State”. When the need arises, invariably the Deep State Handlers call on “The Mule”

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  The Tatum Chronicles  

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George H.W. Bush, William Barr, Robert S. Mueller, Ollie North, the CIA, and many others have a list of dark secrets in common. The Tatum Chronicles bring there secrets to light.

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  Operation Red Rock  
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Hard put to find a way out of Vietnam, Nixon and his advisers devised an operation designed to involve the Cambodian Military into assisting the South Vietnamese. Unfortunately for the Special Operations unit tasked with the mission, they were not designated to return. Read about this False Flag one way Operation deep into Cambodia. E-Book Downloadable Edition